Command an ever changing party of four heroes into turn-based tactical combat, in this challenging and irreverent fantasy adventure.

Assemble a party from a growing guild of heroes, each with unique abilities. To prevail you will need to master the skills of your heroes, position them effectively, and use their abilities in tandem to overwhelm the enemy forces. Level them up and equip them with more powerful items as the challenge increases.

Equip your heroes from an arsenal of hundreds of weapons, from basic iron implements to legendary (and expensive) magical items. 

Each providing a unique combination of attacks and abilities to the wielder.

Recruit 15 unique heroes, each with a different set of skills, equippable item types and special abilities. 

Build a party of four heroes for each quest, using their different skills and abilities in tandem to achieve victory.

Choose your Guildmaster’s appearance, and their abilities as they level up. 

The Guildmaster’s support spells can make the difference in a quest. Choose wisely!

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Available on Windows and Linux now!