Freelance work

For several years I’ve worked with Cyber Security Challenge to create educational games on the subject of cyber security. They were always a pleasure to work with and I learned a lot about cyber security in the process. The games I developed have been used in schools across the UK to help teach secondary school students about cyber security. 

“JimMakesGames is a long time collaborator with the Challenge, turning our cyber education games ideas into fantastically accessible and enjoyable materials. Totally professional and reliable Jim makes games development work a really enjoyable and rewarding experience.”

Margaret Jones, Cyber Security Challenge

The games were developed mostly for web deployment using Unity, with a pixel art style. 

The subjects include malware awareness, network security, an investigation into a data leak and code breaking, including a game set at the historic Bletchley Park.


Click their logo to go to the Cyber Security Challenge website, or any of the games images to go directly to Cyber Land and play the games.


If you’re interested in hiring me to develop a game of a similar scope to these, you can contact me at