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  1. Mlacix says:

    This game was great. Your videos are great and keep up with game development Jim, and don’t be lazy. :)

  2. BeBored says:

    You did the best you could do… fighting against your own laziness! And by the way, i had more fun with this then with Fable 3 today.

  3. Daniel says:

    Great little game. the dialouge was very funny. i really enjoied it and i allways prefer something like this over any tripple a title out there. and taking your “disadvantage” of making your first game and not beeing perfect with humor is really the best thing you could do.
    long list of beta testers, that was a surprise. and seeing mr. niceandgames there as a tester was a surprise too. if you need more testers for your second game i would be honored to offer my service for you. keep it up!!! but its sad on the other hand, that this means we will not see as many game videos from now on.
    thank you!

  4. Pottyboy says:

    This is a great little adventure! Just love the idea of one character fighting against one of gaming’s biggest nasties… a designer’s laziness!!! :D

    Being a Mac user, I created a WINE build of this game to play it. If you want me to, I can send you this build to post here if you want?

  5. RossRKK says:

    This is an awesome game! Thanks Jim!

  6. Tony Elschner says:

    Hey Jim, Shitty Quest is truly an inspiration. At least it is for me. As the events unfold it becomes more and more apparent that my own laziness is holding me and my potential back. And fighting it every little step of the way towards any goal can make me achieve it. It’s a simple but powerful message packed in a little loveletter to all those classic games and their developers. Great first game you made there! And if you need any help playtesting or voice-acting on your next game I’d offer it gladly. Thanks, Tony

  7. Durak says:

    Intelligent and funny. A little short, though. I easily could have spent some more hours in this “Developer’s matrix hell”!

    Keep it up, Jim!
    Gather a few people around you that share your love for good oldschool video gaming, and lock them up in a garage. That’s how most games came to existence, back in the days…

    And Pacbilly’s voice is great! For some reason I had to think of “Day of the Tentacle” when I heard him…

    Best wishes

  8. Steve says:

    Just completed the game (with “good” ending?)
    Fantastic! I think you have great potential.
    Although I nearly turned it off within the first 2 minutes but glad I stuck it out.

  9. Ste says:

    Just about to play, loved the trailer.

  10. Ste says:

    Brilliant, and so many people are going to relate to this. I was almost completely stuck at one point, but I persisted. Look forward to your shooter game Jim.

  11. StickHead says:

    Nice one, Jim. I really enjoyed that! I was a victim of my own laziness and procrastination for years, so the theme really struck a chord with me. I eagerly anticipate your next game: “Slightly Less Shitty Quest”, or “Below Average Adventure” maybe?

  12. Visuv says:

    This was utmost enjoyable. The theme is really clever and most likely will continue to remind the players about their own “demons”. Great stuff!

  13. Holden says:

    For just a game to test your abilities with game development, this kept me entertained, had me laughing at points and left a good message. Can’t wait to see your future games!

  14. gamesbloke says:

    Hey. Great game. Interesting story and all that. As a writer and as a game creator you have obvious skill and talent. Would be keen to see something with a more polished edge to match the writing/scope of your ideas. Of course as a rabid gamesplayer I crave perfection. Regardless you have done amazing work here. Much respect!

  15. Jack says:

    Has anyone managed to get this working with wine in Linux?

  16. Paul Brown says:

    Surprisingly entertaining and in some ways hits a little too close to home, but in a good way, not quite an axe to the face way but a good way.

  17. Colin Jones says:

    Excellent – very funny with solid gameplay. As someone who hasn’t properly finished making any games yet but has dabbled a lot (AGS, C/C++/SDL, MMF2), I can relate to this. I look forward to future JimMakesGames games!

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