So after a couple of weeks or so I’ve got a lot of feedback about The Day The Earth Got Mooned and it’s been very positive and better than I could have expected. In addition to a lot of comments and messages, there have been several videos made about the game which have all been very gratifying. Thank you all so much. Links to those at the bottom of this post.

I’ve also got some constructive criticism, and based on that I’ve updated the game a little to address some of the weapon balance issues. I’ve also added the option to customise the keyboard controls which was requested by some. You can download the new version at the game’s page.

Also now that my voice is recovered from that bloody cold, I’m recording videos again, starting with a let’s play / developer commentary series on The Day The Earth Got Mooned. It’s a short game so only three parts, and after that I’ll shut up about Mooned for a bit and get back to doing regular videos.


And here’s the links to the videos people have kindly made about Mooned. Hope you enjoy them, as I did:

Review by Samurai Rabbit
Review by Nice and Games
Review by Demon of Gaming
Let’s play by Steve Benway
Let’s play by The Eprom 9


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