Announcing the release of my latest game, The Day The Earth Got Mooned. You can check out the trailer or download the game at the Games tab or click here. It was created in Java using the libGDX game framework.

I’ve been pretty quiet about this game, since I wanted to make it a surprise on its release. However I intend to make a development log for the next game and invite you all to participate in the process. Your feedback as I proceed would be greatly appreciated and you would have a chance to influence the way the next game develops.

But until then, I hope you will try out The Day The Earth Got Mooned and if you like it, spread the word. This game is free, but I hope next time to be able to make something worth selling, to an audience of a decent size. So anything you can do to let people know about my games and this site would be greatly appreciated.

Let me know what you thought of the game. Feedback is always appreciated. Now go and destroy things with lasers and such!

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