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  1. Jon Conner says:

    Jim! So psyched! Definately explains why you’ve been a bit MIA lately, but dude, so awesome. Kudos man, huge kudos.

  2. Ryan says:

    Wow such a great game well done.Please for your next game maybe make an RTS.

  3. Neva says:

    A nice-looking game with great tunes! Props on the Umgah-style antimatter spray. Ran just fine on a RHEL 6 Linux workstation with Sun java 1.6.0 installed.

  4. TheEPROM9 says:

    I have complied and uploaded the video to the YouTube’s, also pasted it to the relevant Facebook groups.

    An excellent game, well done. It shows that you heart was put into this project, never loose that passion.

  5. Zendell says:

    That was a fun game. Keep up the good work. I liked the visuals and overall presentation of it. I’m looking forward to your next games.

  6. bradley davies says:

    how do you get the game to work with the zip file, i tryed looking in the file but found nothing, any help?

    • Jim says:

      There should be a file called Mooned.jar file which should be runnable like an exe if you have Java installed. Otherwise try the installer version and that will create a standard Windows exe.

      • bradley davies says:

        thanks i got it to work now, really good work going to play that again! again thanks for the help!

  7. stonkie says:

    libgdx… Does that mean you’ll be releasing an Android version of this game?

    • Jim says:

      I’ve thought about that, but the control system wouldn’t work well with it. Controlling aiming, firing, moving and weapon selection is too much for a small touch screen. I might do a mobile friendly version of it at some point, but it would need to be overhauled quite a bit.

  8. marc says:

    great game. runs perfectly on windows 8.1 java 8