My dream is to make games for a living. So far I'm still learning and will be releasing games for free.

Feedback is always welcome so let me know what you think of the games and follow the development blog to see the progress on the next game.

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    Experiments with Procedural Generation

    While still in the design phase for a couple of games I’m working on, I have been learning and experimenting with procedurally generated content. One of the most well known and documented examples is the creation of roguelike dungeons, so this was a good place to start. I thought I’d go into a bit of detail about how I’m creating these if anyone is interested.


    After looking through many examples and taking bits and pieces from different places, I came up with a couple of methods of generating different kind of tile-based 2D environments. Firstly there’s the standard roguelike setup with rectangular rooms and snaky corridors connecting them. Here’s an example of one being generated:





    Firstly a number of rooms are added at random locations in a specified area. Many of them will overlap by chance. The overlapping ones show up in red. Separation is done by finding the centre of any intersecting rooms and moving them away from that point. Once all rooms are separated, the tiles are laid.


    The edges of the rooms are filled in first, with wall tiles, and one doorway at the middle of each wall. Then the interior is filled in with floor tiles. Then the remaining tiles are filled in around the rooms. Corridors are added by using basic pathfinding techniques to move from the centre of each room to the centre of the room closest to the middle of the dungeon. Wall tiles cannot be passed through, so the corridors find one of the shortest paths available. There are multiple shortest paths so the direction taken is randomised at each tile to create a winding path.


    Finally walls are added around the corridors and unreachable terrain is removed. There’s still much to be done to expand on this. Such as improving the ways that corridors are created so they aren’t all just reaching to the centre room, differently shaped rooms, and populating them with objects and enemies.


    This may be used in conjunction with the method I’ve used to create cave systems, which I will cover in a later blog post.






    If you’d like to see some more gifs of dungeons and caves being generated, I’ve created galleries on imgur, here and here.


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    Ludum Dare Entry – I Need The Cheese or I Will Die

    Last weekend I participated in Ludum Dare, a popular game development competition to make a game in 48 hours. It was my first time doing that and I streamed the whole process. It was great to be able to share that and get encouragement and feedback throughout. Thanks to everyone who watched.


    It was great fun and I will definitely consider doing Ludum Dare again. I’m also considering expanding on I Need The Cheese or I Will Die and making it into a more complete game. Some early ideas I have for expanding on it are:


    – More levels
    – More enemies
    – Coin pickups for buying upgrades between levels
    – Level select
    – More variety in environment graphics and animations
    – 20 second and 30 second levels
    – Porting to mobile platforms


    Let me know what you think of the game. I may even decide to sell the mobile version for a dollar or two. I think it could work well as a mobile game since it’s got such a quick gameplay cycle and the controls could work with a touchscreen.


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    Mooned v1.1, Commentary Video and Feedback

    So after a couple of weeks or so I’ve got a lot of feedback about The Day The Earth Got Mooned and it’s been very positive and better than I could have expected. In addition to a lot of comments and messages, there have been several videos made about the game which have all been very gratifying. Thank you all so much. Links to those at the bottom of this post.

    I’ve also got some constructive criticism, and based on that I’ve updated the game a little to address some of the weapon balance issues. I’ve also added the option to customise the keyboard controls which was requested by some. You can download the new version at the game’s page.

    Also now that my voice is recovered from that bloody cold, I’m recording videos again, starting with a let’s play / developer commentary series on The Day The Earth Got Mooned. It’s a short game so only three parts, and after that I’ll shut up about Mooned for a bit and get back to doing regular videos.


    And here’s the links to the videos people have kindly made about Mooned. Hope you enjoy them, as I did:

    Review by Samurai Rabbit
    Review by Nice and Games
    Review by Demon of Gaming
    Let’s play by Steve Benway
    Let’s play by The Eprom 9


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    The Day The Earth Got Mooned Released

    Announcing the release of my latest game, The Day The Earth Got Mooned. You can check out the trailer or download the game at the Games tab or click here. It was created in Java using the libGDX game framework.

    I’ve been pretty quiet about this game, since I wanted to make it a surprise on its release. However I intend to make a development log for the next game and invite you all to participate in the process. Your feedback as I proceed would be greatly appreciated and you would have a chance to influence the way the next game develops.

    But until then, I hope you will try out The Day The Earth Got Mooned and if you like it, spread the word. This game is free, but I hope next time to be able to make something worth selling, to an audience of a decent size. So anything you can do to let people know about my games and this site would be greatly appreciated.

    Let me know what you thought of the game. Feedback is always appreciated. Now go and destroy things with lasers and such!

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