Characters from Shitty Quest

(mouse over for animation)

Screen clip from

The Day The Earth Got Mooned



I’m a solo game developer, so far making games and releasing them for free in order to learn, gain experience and get noticed. The goal is to eventually develop games for a living.
You may also know me from my gaming commentary youtube channel JimPlaysGames. See the Jim Plays tab for details.


My focus is on programming, but I’ve been doing a bit of everything so far, including graphics, sound and voice acting.
Ideally I’d like to work in a team and focus on what I’m best at – programming.
On my most recent project I worked with a musician and an artist. See the page on The Day The Earth Got Mooned for more details.


The Adventure Game Studio by Chris Jones, was used to create Shitty Quest, which taught me a lot about myself and my potential as a game developer.
I used Java and the libGDX game framework to create The Day The Earth Got Mooned, a retro style 2D shooter, and learned a lot about programming in the process.


In the Games tab you will find downloads of the games, as well as screenshots and trailers
You can follow the development of my next game on the blog page.


If you have any feedback or questions, feel free to let me know via the contact page or in the comments on the blog posts.
Commentary and constructive criticism are always welcome.